Boeing B-17
Emergency Operations
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B-17 Emergency Operations is literally a "hot stove" session where veteran pilots give hands on advice on how to overcome some of their most challenging B-17 disaster scenarios. You'll learn how to handle dangerous situations like in flight engine fires, CG induced flight instability, stalls, emergency small field takeoffs & landings and a lot more. Plus there are animations, graphics and a dry sense of humor that make this one of the more enjoyable training films to come out of World War 2.
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* B-17 Flight Operations" (29:00) Everything you need to know about fllying the big Fort (Video shown above)
* B-17 Ground Operations (34:00) Arthur Kennedy and the rest of crew from "B-17 Flight Operations" walk you through a thorough external, internal & instrument preflight check.
* B-17 Emergency Operations (25:00) Listen in on a "hot stove" session where B-17 veteran pilots give hands on advice on how to overcome some of their most challenging emergency situations
* B-17 25 Hour Inspection of the B-17 F (Boeing Aircraft Film, 28:00)You'll literally get under the skin of the mighty Fortress as skilled mechanics perform comprehensive 25 hour maintenance & inspection.
* Managing the B-17 Turbo Supercharger Induction System (23:00) Learn all about the theory & practice of managing the B-17s complex and temperamental Turbo Supercharger system!
109 page B-17 pilot's manual with detailed charts, diagrams, illustrations, performance charts and pilot instructions.
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