Army Air Forces Alerts
Wright Field Experiments, Chemical Bombs
(Digitally Restored)
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"Army Air Force Alerts" was a series of films produced at the advanced R&D facility at Wright Field, OH during World War 2. They updated and in some cases trained, authorized Air Force personnel on new developments in aviation technology, aircraft tests, communications and problem solving in the field. In some ways, Wright was an "Area 51" for the Air Force during the War. (Get these films and dozens more on our "World War 2 Allied Aviation News Volume 1" DVD ) The first film, "Nerve Center: Wright Field is AAF's Proving Ground," is a brief tour of Wright Field and highlights include the only example produced of the Douglas B-19 long range bomber, an RAF Fairey Battle with contra rotating propellers, a radio controlled pilotless drone, live fire armaments testing and more. The second film, "WARNING TO AXIS: Chemical Bombs Now Ready in Quantity" shows the production of 100lb HS "Mustard Gas" Bombs and fitting them on aircraft. Thousands were produced and stored, ready to be strapped on bombers, as both a deterrent and/or response to Axis first use. Fortunately, the German "Supreme leader" had been gassed during World War I and had a deep seated aversion to its use, so these bombs were never dropped. The third film,"Accidents!" is introduced by AAF Commanding General Hap Arnold.During World War 2, all the major combatants lost thousands of aircraft, their pilots and crew due to easily avoidable human errors. Many of these accidents occurred during training courses at home before the pilots ever saw combat. Overconfidence could also lead to dangerous stunts ending in fatalities, even for experienced pilots.This is one of many films produced to remind pilots that even small mistakes can lead to a catastrophic chain of events. Along with examples of fatal mistakes, the film ends with a dramatic recreated combat sequence featuring a variety of aircraft including P-39s, P-47s and B-24s.
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