How to Search a World War 2 Secret Agent
Body Search
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From the C.I.A. Archives, "Confidential" and never shown to the public. In "Body Search" an O.S.S training film, a courier is caught, arrested and thoroughly searched by experts in a fictitious country "Enemiarea." You'll learn how to hide & find things like microfilm dots on the body, on articles of clothing, and in everyday possessions like eye glasses and paper currency. And just as important, you'll get tips on how to avoid being arrested, maintaining your cover story and avoid giving away hiding places through speech and gestures during interrogation. The O.S.S, "Office of Strategic Services," was the forerunner of the modern C.I A. The film was produced by their "Field Photographic Branch" which was headed by legendary Hollywood director John Ford. Ford may well have directed this film, but no credits have survived.