The 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam
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In July 1965, the “Big Red 1,” one most storied in the US Army, was the first division sized American unit to be sent to Vietnam. This film gives a year by year account of the divisions actions fought from landing through their departure in 1970. From an initial deployment of 14,000 men & women it grew to over 20,000 by 1967, including infantry, armor, engineers, helicopters & artillery, Operating in III Corps out of Di An outside Saigon, the divisions area of operations formed a broad arc north of the Capital to the Cambodian border, encompassing infamous VC & NVA strongholds like “The Iron Triangle,””War Zones C & D” and '”The Michelin Trapezoid.” They fought in almost every major major campaigns & battle in the area during their deployment, too numerous to list here, and heavy fighting around Saigon to defeat the Tet offensive. You'll see air mobile assault operations, armored attacks, “tunnel rats,” jungle fire fights, every day life on the front line & much more.
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US Army in Vietnam
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