The 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam
(1968 Digitally Restored Color)
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The Screaming Eagles in Vietnam 1965-66
The 1st Brigade 101st Airborne was deployed to Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam in July, 1965, Their first task was to secure ground for the establishment of a base camp for the 1st Air Cavalry Division near Ahn Khe in the Central Highlands. They then moved in 1966 to their own base of operations in Phan Rang on the coast for operations Van Buren & Harrison securing the strategically important rice growing area around Tuy Hoa from VC control. Elements of the Division were also deployed for added fire power against the NVA in April-May at Nhon Co on the Cambodian border north as part of operation Hawthorn to Dak Toh to relieve a besieged Special Forces outpost- very fierce fighting ensued with NVA regulars. From July to December the 101st units were back in Tuy Hoa for the rice harvest and tor open sections of Highway 1.
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